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NEXT™ Insert Tooling System for Trumpf Style Presses

The NEXT™ Insert Tooling System includes: Interchangeable, abrasion resistant, punch inserts. Two sizes of insert punch holders with precision orientation features. Precision ground shims which return the punch insert to the original length after 0.118(3.00) has been removed during regrinding.

NEXT™ holders are available two sizes to accommodate punch points with a diagonal dimension from 0.030(0.80) to 1.575(40.00) and from 1.576(40.01) to 3.000(76.20). NEXT™ holders combine the functions of a conventional punch shank and alignment ring into a single assembly. The integral alignment design provides precise tooling orientation and make installing the inserts quick and easy, thereby facilitating faster tool changes.Mate Precision Tooling

The NEXT™ Insert Tooling System delivers longer tooling life. The punch inserts maximize the interval between regrinds. In addition, the NEXT™ Insert Tooling System includes a shim that is installed between the punch and the holder, once 0.118(3.00) has been removed from the punch during sharpening. This returns the punch to its original length, instead of requiring replacement.

The sum of the features and benefits of each Mate product guarantee superior performance in every punching application. Here are just a few of the features that make this a true statement. - Mai multe detalii -