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QuickLock - Convenience

QuickLock - Convenience


Mate QuickLock™ Tooling System

Mate's QuickLock™ tooling system is for Trumpf style presses that combines the economy of conventional Trumpf style tooling with the convenience of a keyed alignment ring. The keyed alignment ring engages the alignment key in the punch for quick tool alignment without an alignment fixture, resulting in quicker tool set-ups and maximum machine productivity.Mate Precision Tooling

Mate QuickLock™ Tooling System Features:

- High-speed steel punches for extended interval between sharpening.
- Punches include an alignment key for use with the Mate QuickLock™ alignment ring.
- Alignment ring with a keyway that engages the key on both Mate QuickLock size 1 and size 2 punches for quick and accurate tool alignment of both .
- Urethane strippers, in an extended size range, for quieter operation and improved piece part quality.
- Highly wear-resistant punches and dies.

Mate QuickLock™ Universal Alignment Ring

Mate Precision Tooling

- Precision machined keyway to accept the hardened punch key for accurate alignment, relative to the die aperture, without the need for a fixture.
- Precision ground upper and lower surfaces for positive contact with the punch shoulder for reduced tool stress and maximum service life.
- Elimination of the possibility of punch rotation, with a solid contact between the punch key and the alignment ring keyway.
- Shock resistant tool steel to eliminate cracking, for longer service life.
- Compatible with conventional, Trumpf style, size 2 punches.
- Universal for both Mate QuickLock size 1 and size 2 punches.

Mate QuickLock™ Punches

Mate Precision Tooling

- High-Speed Steel, for extended intervals between sharpening.
- Hardened and ground key for quick and accurate punch alignment.
- For punches with a diagonal dimension up to 2.000(50.80) the alignment pin is located on the shank.
- For punches with a diagonal dimension greater than 2.000(50.80) the alignment pin is located on the shoulder.
- 1/4-degree back taper and near polished punch flanks to reduce friction, eliminate galling and extend punch grind life.
- Maxima® coating or Nitride treatment available for extreme punching applications.

Mate QuickLock™ Urethane Strippers

Mate Precision Tooling

- Positive, on-the-die stripping to eliminate sheet rattle and reduce punching noise.
- Two types available (dependent on punch point size).
- Push-On Urethane Stripper
- Locks securely onto punch and alignment ring for reliable operation.
- Available for all punches with a diagonal dimension up to 2.000(50.80).
- Screw-On Urethane Stripper
- Available in two sizes: for shaped punches with width up to 0.394(10.00) and length up to 2.263(60.00), or length up to 3.000(76.20).
- Supplied in pairs, and fixed to the punch shoulder with a flat head screw.


Mate Precision Tooling

- Highly wear-resistant tool steel with optimized heat treatment for perfect balance of wear and toughness for maximum interval between regrinds. Up to 0.059(1.50) grind life.
- Double-cut die opening for improved accuracy.
- Uniform clearance radii in die corners for improved component edge quality.
- Improved die strength with domed relief to evenly distribute punching forces.
- Superior roundness and flatness for improved piece part quality.